Question based on Distance & Direction can only be solved if the student has a full grasp of directions. The first thing to remember is that there are four directions:-

    For a person standing in the area falling between:-

    • North and East Direction in called North-East.
    • Similarly, the area between South and East is called South-East,
    • The area between North Direction and West Direction is called North-West and
    • Area between South & West is South-West as shown below:



    The student is generally expected to find out the distance between the starting point and the Destination. And, we are expected to find out the shortest distance between the two points i.e. starting point and the Destination Point. To find out this distance, one should draw the diagram, which shows actual path followed by the person, along with the distance traveled by him. Finally, the starting point and Destination are joined by a straight line and distance is observed. For this we use Pythagoras theorem which is as follows:-


    1) From a point M, Lohit started walking towards south and walked 40 meters. He then turned towards his left and walked 30 meters and reached a point R. The point R is at what minimum distance and in what direction from the point M?

    1) 35 meters South-East      2) 50 meters South-West      3) 35 meters South-West      4) 50 meters South-East      5) None of these


    2) Hemant started from his house and walked 3km eastward, then he turned right and walked 2km, then again he turned left and walked 1 km, then turned right and walked 2 km. He turned right again and walked 1 km and reached his school. What is the minimum distance between Hemant’s house and his school?

    1) 12 km       2) 9km       3) 6 km       4) 3 km       5) 5 km


    3) If South East becomes North, North East becomes West and this trend is continued, what will be the original West become?

    1) North-East      2) South-East       3) South       4) South-West


    4) Viney starts from his house and goes 80m in North direction, then he turns right, walks another 30m, turns right again and walks 40m. How far is he now from his home?

    1) 50m       2) 80m       3) 40m       4) 70m       5) None


    5) Regan starts from his house for school. He walks 1km towards east, turns right and walks 300m, then again turns right, moves a little way and turns left, and after walking some 500 m reaches the school. In which direction is his school from his house?

    1) North-East      2) South-East       3) West       4) South-West       5) East


    6) Sushant started from his house and walked 5km north of his house. Then he turned left and walked 3km, then he turned right and walked 5km. Again he turned right and walked 3km. Where is his final destination from his house?

    1) Back to his house       2) 7.5 km North-West      3) 7.5 km North-East       4) 10 km North      5) None of these


    7) Rohan starts for morning walk towards west. He walks 1 km, then turns left and walks 600m, then turns left and walks 1.3km, again he turns right and walks 600m further. In which direction is he moving now?

    1) North       2) East       3) West       4) South       5) South-West


    8) If a man on the moped starts from a point and rides 4km south, then turns left and rides 2km, then turn again to the right to ride 4km more, towards which direction is he moving?

    1) North       2) West      3) East       4) South


    9) Jenny walked 2.5 km’s towards North and turned towards West. After covering 2 km’s he turned to South and walked 1.5 km’s. He then turned to East and covered 2 km’s. To which direction Jenny is standing from the original point.

    1) North       2) South       3) East       4) West      5) None


    10) In the question No. 9, how far is Jenny from original point?

    1) 5 km       2) 2.5 km       3) 1.5 km       4) 1 km      5) None


    11) If A is to the south of B, and C is to the east of B, in what direction is A with respect to C?

    1) North-East       2) North-West       3) South-East      4) South-West       5) None


    12) Lakshay starting walking towards west and goes 10km. Then he turns left and goes 8km. He again turns left and goes 18km. In which direction is he now from his starting point?

    1) South-West       2) North-East       3) South-East      4) North-West       5) East


    13) Ayush starts from his house and moves towards South. He walks 100m, then turns left and walks 200m, turns right and walks 500m. How far is he from his house?

    1) 4005m       2) 800m       3) 20010m       4) 2002m       5) None


    14) Tanuj started walking from a point ‘P’ towards South. After walking 40 metres he took a left turn. He then walked 30 metres and reached a point Q. What is the straight distance between P and Q and Q is towards in which direction with reference to point P?

    1) 60 metres, South-East       2) 50 metres, South-West      3) 50 metres, South-East      4) Data Inadequate       5) None


    15) Starting from a point X Jayant walked 15 metres towards West, he turned to his left and walked 20 metres. He then turned to his left and walked 15 metres. He then further turned to his right and walked 12 metres. How far is Jayant from the point X and in which direction?

    1) 32 metres South       2) 47 metres East      3) 42 metres North       4) 27 metres South       5) None