Guru Amar Das Ji

Date of Birth
5 May 1479
Place of Birth
Basrke District Amritsar
Father's Name
Tej Bhan ji
Mother's Name
Mata Lachmi ji
Wife Name
Mansa Devi ji
Children's Name
Sons - Mohan Ji , Mohri ji Daughters - Bibi Bhani ji, Bibi Dani ji
Date of Gaddi
29 March 1552
Contemparary Rulers
Feroze Shah, Mohammad Adil Shah, Humayun , Akbar
Manji System , Pangat must precede Sangat
City - Goindwal Sahib (In 1552)
Baoli Sahib
Total Shabad
947 in 19 Rags
Anand Sahib
Date of Death
1 September 1574
Place of Death
Goindwal Sahib
Total Life Span
95 years 3 months 23 days