• • “There shall be a Council of Ministers with prime Minister as its head to aid and advice president , who shall in exercise of his functions act in accordance with such advice” (Article 74 (1) as it reads after 42rd Amendment 1976).

    • • Prime minister is appointed by president , the other Ministers are appointed by the president on the advice of the prime Minister [Article 75 (1) ]. The Ministers (not Mps) shall hold office during the pleasure [Article 75(2)].

    • • The 91st Amendment Act (2003) has limited the tiotla number of ministers including the PM, in the Council of Ministers shall not exceed 15% of the total strength of the lok Sabha. The present strength of Com is 79 including pm. Further a member of either house n of parliament shall also be disqualified to be appointed as a minister.


    • • Council of Minister is collectively responsible to the house of people [Article 75(3)]. Ministers resigns as soon as it loses confidence of Lok Sabha.

    • • Vote of no confidence passed against any minister automatically leads to the resignation of the entire Council.