Correct use of Preposition - Part -II

21. Incorrect:- Listen what I say.
Correct:- Listen to what I say.

22. Incorrect:- I have disposed my old books.
Correct:- I have disposed of my old books.

23. Incorrect:- He acceded my request.
Correct:- He acceded to my request.

24. Incorrect:- She boasts her beauty.
Correct:- She boasts of her beauty.

25. Incorrect:- She enquired me the way to the college.
Correct:- She enquired of me the way to the college.

26. Incorrect:- The mother always sides her son.
Correct:- The mother always sides with her son.

27. Incorrect:- I have applied the Principal for leave.
Correct:- I have applied to the Principal for leave.

28. Incorrect:- We must pray God for help.
Correct:- We must pray to God for help.

29. Incorrect:- He objected my marriage.
Correct:- He objected to my marriage.

Note:- note the wrong omission of prepositions.

30. Incorrect:- Has he enough of money?
Correct:- Has he enough money.

31. Incorrect:- You must stick up to your promise
Correct:- You must stick to your promise.

32. Incorrect:- She resembles with her mother.
Correct:- She resembles her mother.

33. Incorrect:- Do not shirk from work.
Correct:- Do not shirk work.

34. Incorrect:- He has fallen down in her eyes.
Correct:- He has fallen in her eyes.

35. Incorrect:- I will fight the cause.
Correct:- I will fight for the cause.

36. Incorrect:- Trust God.
Correct:- Trust in God.

37. Incorrect:- Write with ink.
Correct:- write in ink.

38. Incorrect:- He died from cholera.
Correct:- He died of cholera. 39. Incorrect:- The examination will begin from Monday. Correct:- The examination will begin on Monday. 40. Incorrect:- He has no changer for getting the post. Correct:- He has no changer of getting the post.