Correct use of Prepositions

1. Incorrect:- Shakespeare was born in Stratford on Avon at England.
Correct:- Shakespeare was born at Stratford on Avon in England.

Note:- ‘at’ is used for a small village or town and ‘in’ is used for the big cities, countries.

2. Incorrect:- The prime Minister is coming in Ludhiana next Month.
Correct:- The Prime Minister is coming to Ludhiana next Month.

3. Incorrect:- She jumped in the well.
Correct:- She jumped into the well.

Note:- ‘to’ and into are used for things in motion. ‘In’ is used for things at rest.

4. Incorrect:- she has been teaching here for 1970.
Correct:- she has been teaching here since 1970.

Note:- ‘Since’ refers to a point of time and ‘for’ to a period of time.

5. Incorrect:- Her father died ten years before.
Correct:- Her father died ten years ago.

6. Incorrect:- India & China were friends 1960 ago.
Correct:- India & China were friends before 1960.

Note:-‘before’ refers to a point of time & ‘ago’ is used to a period of time.

7. Incorrect:- You have not answered to my question.
Correct:- You have not answered my question.

8. Incorrect:- She did not inform to me in time.
Correct:- She did not inform me in time.

9. Incorrect:- She assisted to me in my work.
Correct:- She assisted me in my work.

10. Incorrect:- He left from the house at night.
Correct:- He left the house at night.

11. Incorrect:- She requested to me to help her.
Correct:- She requested me to help her.

12. Incorrect:- He ordered a cop of coffee.
Correct:- He requested me to help her.

13. Incorrect:- She asked to me many question.
Correct:- She asked me many question.

14. Incorrect:- I cannot resist to the temptation of tea.
Correct:- I cannot resist the temptation of tea.

15. Incorrect:- She entered into the room without my permission.
Correct:- She entered the room without my permission.

16. Incorrect:- God pervades in the whole universe.
Correct:- God pervades the whole universe.

Note:- the omission of preposition.

17. Incorrect:- Ornaments add the beauty of women.
Correct:- Ornaments add to the beauty of women.

18. Incorrect:- Attend you roll call.
Correct:- Attend to you roll call.

19. Incorrect:- Do not knock my door at night.
Correct:- Do not knock at my door at night.

20. Incorrect:- I do not approve your laziness.
Correct:- I do not approve of your laziness.