Type 1:- Common errors in the use of nouns.

1. Incorrect: - These news are good.
Correct: - This news is good.

2. Incorrect: - Mathematics are a difficult subject.
Correct: - Mathematics is a difficult subject.

3. Incorrect: - The first innings were won by India.
Correct: - The first innings was won by India.

Note: - Nouns like news, mathematics, Summons, Innings, Politics’, gallows, wages are plural in the form of singular in use.

4. Incorrect: - The sceneries of Kashmir are charming.
Correct: - The scenery of Kashmir is charming.

5. Incorrect: - My hair have turned grey.
Correct: - My hair has turned grey.

6. Incorrect: - These furniture are for sale.
Correct: - This furniture is for sale.

Note:- Nouns like scenery, hair, machinery, furniture, poetry, luggage, fruit , vacation, bread mischief are used only as singular.

7. Incorrect: - I keep many sheeps and deers.
Correct: - I keep many sheep & deer.

8. Incorrect: - I bought two dozens oranges.
Correct: - I bought two dozen oranges.

9. Incorrect: - I want two pairs of shoes.
Correct: - I want two pair of shoes.

Note:- Nouns like sheep, deer, stone, (as a measure of weight) pair, poor, score, thousand (when used after numerals) have the singular and plural alike.

10. Incorrect: - The cattles are grazing in the field.
Correct: - The cattle are grazing in the field.

11. Incorrect: -The peoples were happy to see their favorite leader.
Correct: - The peoples were happy to see their leader.

12. Incorrect: - The gentry was invited to the function.
Correct: - The gentry were invited to the function.

Note:- Nouns like cattle, people, peasantry, poultry, gentry, folk are singular in form but plural in use.

13. Incorrect: - His spectacle is very fine.
Correct: - His spectacles are very fine.

14. Incorrect: - Will you accept my thank?
Correct: - will you accept my thanks?

15. Incorrect: - His shoe is brown?
Correct: - His shoes are brown?

Note:- Nouns like spectacles, order, thanks, shows, scissors, pains, alms, studies, repairs, are used in their plural form.

16. Incorrect: - His family members are here.
Correct: - The member of his family are here.

17. Incorrect: -This room’s walls are dirty.
Correct: - The walls of his room are dirty.

18. Incorrect: - The chair’s legs are broken.
Correct: - The legs of the chair are broken.

Note:- Generally ‘s is used for nouns indicating living being ‘of’ is used in the case of lifeless things.

19. Incorrect: -She stood first in the 400 metres.
Correct: - She stood first in the 400-metre race.

20. Incorrect: - His three years old son died.
Correct: - His three year old son died.