English Idioms - II

ants in his/her pants
restless, can’t sit still
apple of one’s eye
that which is held dearest
at the end of the rope
out of patience
bark up the wrong tree
follow an incorrect course
batting a thousand
doing a perfect job
beat around the bush
not getting to the point
behind the eight ball
out of luck
between the devil and the deep black sea
between two dangers
bite off more than one can chew
try to do more than one has time or ability for.
bitter pill to swallow
hard to accept
blow off steam
release anger or tension
blow one’s stack
vent anger, lash out
bone to pick
an area of contention
bone up
refine, study
born with silver spoon in one’s mouth
break the ice
to initiate and be friendly
bring the house down
applauding enthusiastically
burn the candle at both ends
doing too much
bury the hatchet
let bygones be bygones
bury head in sand
ignore danger
call it a day
to quit
carry a torch
loving someone
chew the fat
chip off the old block
like one’s parent
chip on one’s shoulder
negative attitude
cold feet
nervous, hesitant
cold shoulder
reject someone
cry over spilled milk
feel bad if it can’t be undone
cry wolf
to lie or spread alarm
cup of tea
dead as a doornail
not responsive, dead
down in the dumps
feeling dismal and depressed
dyed in the wool
deeply ingrained traits
eat one’s words
regret something said
elbow grease
hard work
face the music
stand up to adversity
fish out of water
outside natural element
fly in the ointment
something spoiling things
fly off the handle
lose control
full of hot air
talks a lot, does little
get in someone’s hair
bother or annoy
get one’s goat
annoy and make angry
going bananas
acting ridiculous
going to the dogs
run-down, needs repaired
gone to pot
good sport
one who doesn’t complain
goose is cooked
plans are ruined
green thumb
talent for growing things
green with envy
quite jealous
hands were tied
unable to help in any way
have one’s head in clouds
not know what is going on
heart in one’s mouth
high horse
acting superior
hit the nail on the head
be exactly right
hit the spot
satisfies fully
hold your horses
be patient
hold your tongue
watch what you say
in a nutshell
in very few words
in a pickle
in trouble
in one ear and out the other
not hearing or remembering
in the bag
success is assured
jump out of one’s skin
be extremely frightened
jump the gun
start too soon
keep one’s shirt on
stay patient or calm
kick the bucket
kill time
to waste time waiting
knee-high to a grasshopper
very young and small
know the ropes
be familiar with details
knuckle under
submit to defeat
lay an egg
fail or flop
leave no stone unturned
look everywhere
let sleeping dogs lie
do not stir up trouble
appliance or car that has constant problems
let the cat out of the bag
tell the secret
lion’s share
the largest allotment
look a gift horse in the mouth
don’t complain about present
mad as a wet hen
once in a black moon
infrequently to never
infrequently to never
feeling elated or happy
on pins and needles
very nervous
open a can of worms
start trouble that is hard to stop
out of the woods
out of trouble or difficulty
out on a limb
a risky, unsure position
over the hill
getting too old
over a barrel
in a submissive position
pass the buck
convey blame
piece of cake
very easy
play hooky
stay home without reason
play it by ear
decide as one goes along
play possum
pretend to be sleeping
play second fiddle
be in an inferior position
poor as church mice
extremely poor