English Idioms - I

A blessing in disguise
seems bad, but is actually good
Actions speak louder than words
actions are more important than words
A piece of cake
Beating around the bush
not discussing what is important/procrastinating
Big task on your hand
having something important to finish
Break a leg
wishing someone to do well/ good luck
Can’t stand (something)
to dislike something
Check out that
give that a look
Close but no cigar
close but failed at the end
Don't sweat it
don’t worry about it
Driving me bananas
making me feel crazy
Easier said than done
easy to say, but hard to actually do
Get out of town
I don't believe you
Get over it
forget about the past
Gone off track
forgot about your future goal
Hands down
for certain the right answer
Hang on a second
wait for a moment
Hang out
spend time with a friend
Have stumbled upon
to accidentally discover something
Hold your horses
wait/calm down
How’s it going?
How are you?
I made a key decision
make an important decision
Inside scoop
the details
In the bag
will definitely happen
I was knocked on my heels
I was surprised
I’ll toss it around
to casually suggest an idea to people
I’m feeling blue
to feel sad
I’m out
I'm leaving
In the nick of time
when something happens at the last possible moment
It’s all flooding back to me
beginning to remember something you once forgot
Kick the bucket
to die/no longer work
Kill two birds with one stone
accomplish two things at once
Laid back
Last shot
Last chance
Leading someone on
having someone believe something that isn't true
Lend a hand
help someone out
Let it ride
to allow something to remain as it is
Let’s boogie on out
let’s all leave together
Let’s bounce
to leave
Low down
to receive the full story
Take a chill pill
a way of telling someone to calm down
Hit the books
to study
To touch base
to contact someone
Locked in
to give full concentration too
No big deal
no need to worry
Get on the ball
to get focused on the goal
Out of nowhere
Out of the blue
Pull the plug
to end something/someone
Put a sock in it
be quiet
Rally the troops
to gather friends together
Since day one
for a long time
Something’s fishy
something’s strange
Speak of the Devil
when you see someone/something happens unexpectedly while talking about them
Spill the beans
to tell the secret
Spur of the moment
to make a random decision
Stay on track
to stay focused on the goal
Stick with your goal/stick with it
to continue doing something
Take him out of the picture
remove him from the situation
Take it easy
calm down
That’s tight
that’s awesome
The stars have aligned
the moment is right
Draw the line
the point where you decide not to do something
The last straw
the last thing that causes everything to fail
Throw an idea around
casually suggest an idea
a sporting event having a close score
Time flies
time passes by fast
Up a creek without a paddle
in a bad situation
Fill in the blanks
figure out the rest on your own
On the same page
having similar thoughts
What’s up?
How are you?
You pulled a fast one
to trick someone