Founder of Bluetooth
Concept of Zero
Father of Computer
Charls Babbage
Inventor of Keyboard layout
Sir Christopher Latham Sholes
First Computer Programmer
Lady Ada Lovelace
ENIAC-the First Digital Computer
Sir Jhon Maunchy and Sir J P Eckert
Dry Printing Process called Xerox
Chester Carlson
Dynamic - RAM in 1966
Dr. Robert H.Dennard
Inventor of Mouse
Dr. Engelbart
Founder of famous company Hewlett-Packard(HP)
Mr. William Hewlett and Mr. David Packard
Inventor of LOGO
Professor Seymour Papert
Inventor of Compact Disk
James T. Russell
Inventor if BASIC
Sir Jhon Kemeny and Sir Thomas Kurtz
Inventor of World Wide Web(WWW)
Tim Berners Lee
Founder of
Jerry Yang and Davis Filo
Founder of Google
Larry Pageand Srgey Brin
Inventor of first portable Handset